<TreePicker> Selector component, tree single selector.


import { TreePicker } from 'rsuite';







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Virtualized List



Property Type (Default) Description
appearance enum: 'default', 'subtle' ('default') Set picker appearence
block boolean Blocking an entire row
childrenKey string ('children') Tree data structure Children property name
classPrefix string('picker') The prefix of the component CSS class
cleanable boolean (true) Set whether you can clear
container HTMLElement or (() => HTMLElement) Sets the rendering container
data * Array<DataItemType> Tree data
defaultExpandAll boolean Expand all nodes By default
defaultExpandItemValues any [] Set the value of the default expanded node
defaultOpen boolean Open by default
defaultValue string Default selected Value
disabled boolean Whether to disable Picker
disabledItemValues string[] Disable item by value
expandItemValues any [] Set the value of the expanded node (controlled)
height number (360px) height of menu. When virtualize is true, you can set the height of menu
labelKey string ('label') Tree data structure Label property name
menuClassName string A css class to apply to the Menu DOM node
menuStyle React.CSSProperties style for Menu
onChange (value:string) => void Callback function for data change
onClean (event:SyntheticEvent) => void Callback fired when value clean
onClose () => void Close Dropdown callback functions
onEnter () => void Callback fired before the overlay transitions in
onEntered () => void Callback fired after the overlay finishes transitioning in
onEntering () => void Callback fired as the overlay begins to transition in
onExit () => void Callback fired right before the overlay transitions out
onExited () => void Callback fired after the overlay finishes transitioning out
onExiting () => void Callback fired as the overlay begins to transition out
onExpand (expandItemValues: any [], activeNode:DataItemType, concat:(data, children) => Array) => void Callback When tree node is displayed
onOpen () => void Open Dropdown callback function
onSearch (searchKeyword:string, event) => void Search callback function
onSelect (activeNode:DataItemType, value:any, event) => void Callback function after selecting tree node
open boolean Open (Controlled)
placeholder React.Node ('Select') Placeholder
placement enum: Placement('bottomStart') Expand placement
renderExtraFooter () => React.Node Customizing footer Content
renderTreeIcon (nodeData:DataItemType) => React.Node Custom render icon
renderTreeNode (nodeData:DataItemType) => React.Node Custom render tree Node
renderValue (value:string,item:DataItemType, selectedElement:React.Node) => React.Node Custom render selected value
searchBy (keyword: string, label: React.ReactNode, item: ItemDataType) => boolean Custom search rules
searchable boolean (true) Set whether you can search
size enum: 'lg', 'md', 'sm', 'xs' ('md') A picker can have different sizes
toggleComponentClass React.ElementType ('a') You can use a custom element for this component
value string Selected value
valueKey string ('value') Tree data Structure Value property name
virtualized boolean (false) Whether using Virtualized List

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