A common radio box. If there are only two options, you can also use the Toggle component.

  • <Radio>
  • <RadioGroup>


import { Radio, RadioGroup } from 'rsuite';




Radio Group

Radio Group - Inline layout

Radio Group - Picker

Controlled Radio Group



Property Type (Default) Description
checked boolean Specifies whether the radio is selected
defaultChecked boolean Specifies the initial state: whether or not the radio is selected
disabled boolean The disable of component
inline boolean Inline layout
inputRef React.Ref Ref for the input element
name string Name to use for form
onChange (value: any, checked: boolean, event: SyntheticInputEvent) => void callback function that has been checked for changes in state
title string HTML title
value any Value, corresponding to the value of the Radiogroup, to determine whether the


Property Type (Default) Description
appearance enum: 'default', 'picker' A radio group can have different appearances
defaultValue any Default value
inline boolean Inline layout
name string Name to use for form
onChange (value:any,event:SyntheticInputEvent) => void Callback function with value changed
value any Value (Controlled)
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