In React , we do not recommend direct manipulation of the DOM, but inside the RSUITE component, you have to directly manipulate the DOM for some considerations. If you have similar requirements, you can use this method directly.


import { DOMHelper } from 'rsuite';
const { addClass } = DOMHelper;


hasClass: (node: HTMLElement, className: string) => boolean;
addClass: (node: HTMLElement, className: string) => HTMLElement;
removeClass: (node: HTMLElement, className: string) => HTMLElement;
toggleClass: (node: HTMLElement, className: string) => HTMLElement;


addStyle: (node: HTMLElement, property: string, value: string) => void;
addStyle: (node: HTMLElement, style: Object) => void;

removeStyle: (node: HTMLElement, property: string) => void;
removeStyle: (node: HTMLElement, propertys: Array<string>) => void;

getStyle: (node: HTMLElement, property: string) => string;
getStyle: (node: HTMLElement) => Object;

translateDOMPositionXY: (style: Object, x: number, y: number) => Object;


on: (target: HTMLElement, eventName: string, listener: Function, capture: boolean = false) => {off: Function};
off: (target: HTMLElement, eventName: string, listener: Function, capture: boolean = false) => void;


scrollLeft: (node: HTMLElement) => number;
scrollLeft: (node: HTMLElement, value: number) => void;

scrollTop: (node: HTMLElement) => number;
scrollTop: (node: HTMLElement, value: number) => void;


getHeight: (node: HTMLElement, client: HTMLElement) => number;
getWidth: (node: HTMLElement, client: HTMLElement) => number;
getOffset: (node: HTMLElement) => Object;
getOffsetParent: (node: HTMLElement) => HTMLElement;
getPosition: (node: HTMLElement, offsetParent: HTMLElement) => Object;
contains: (context: HTMLElement, node: HTMLElement) => boolean;


Mouse drag tracker

new DOMMouseMoveTracker(
  onMove:(deltaX: number, deltaY: number, moveEvent: Object) => void,
  onMoveEnd:() => void,
  node: HTMLElement
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