A text tip for secondary, which replaces the default title property of an HTML element.

  • <Tooltip> Text tip.
  • <Whisper> Monitor triggers, wrap the outside of the listener object, and notify the Tooltip when the event is triggered.


import { Tooltip, Whisper } from 'rsuite';




  • left , top , right , bottom is in 4 directions, indicating the location of the display.
  • leftStart , A start is added to the left, and here start is a logical way, indicating that the alignment is the beginning of the Y axis.

For a description of start and end, refer to W3C first public working draft about CSS Logical Properties and Values Level 1.

Triggering events

Whisper provides a trigger props, which is used to control the display of Tooltip in different business scenarios. Props values ​​include:

  • click: It will be triggered when the element is clicked, and closed when clicked again.
  • contextMenu: It will be triggered when you trigger contextMenu on the element.
  • focus: It is generally triggered when the user clicks or taps on an element or selects it with the keyboard's tab key.
  • hover: Will be triggered when the cursor (mouse pointer) is hovering over the element.
  • active: It is triggered when the element is activated.
  • none: No trigger event, generally used when it needs to be triggered by a method.

Note: Safari ignoring tabindex

Container and prevent overflow

Disabled elements

Elements with the disabled attribute aren’t interactive, meaning users cannot hover or click them to trigger a popover (or tooltip). As a workaround, you’ll want to trigger the overlay from a wrapper <div> or <span> and override the pointer-events on the disabled element.



Property Type (Default) Description
children * React.Node The content of the component.
classPrefix string ('tooltip') The prefix of the component CSS class
visible boolean The component is visible by default


Property Type (Default) Description
container HTMLElement or (() => HTMLElement) Sets the rendering container
delay number Delay Time
delayHide number Hidden delay Time
delayShow number Show Delay Time
onBlur () => void Lose Focus callback function
onClick () => void Click on the callback function
onEnter () => void Callback fired before the overlay transitions in
onEntered () => void Callback fired after the overlay finishes transitioning in
onEntering () => void Callback fired as the overlay begins to transition in
onExit () => void Callback fired right before the overlay transitions out
onExited () => void Callback fired after the overlay finishes transitioning out
onExiting () => void Callback fired as the overlay begins to transition out
onFocus () => void Callback function to get focus
onMouseOut () => void Mouse leave callback function
placement enum: PlacementAll ('right') Dispaly placement
preventOverflow boolean Prevent floating element overflow
speaker * union: Tooltip, Popover Displayed component
trigger union: 'click', 'contextMenu', 'hover', 'focus', 'active', 'none' (['hover','focus']) Triggering events

Whisper methods

  • open

Display a Tooltip.

open: (delay?: number) => void
  • close

Hide a Tooltip.

close: (delay?: number) => void

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