In rsuite, custom themes are supported, and you can preview the effect of a component by using the color palette preset theme colors.

Use @H500 as @base-color.

ColorRatio NoramlLarge
@H050:#f2faff6.8 : 1AAAAA
@H100:#cce9ff5.7 : 1AAAAA
@H200:#a6d7ff4.7 : 1AAAAA
@H300:#80c4ff3.9 : 1AA
@H400:#59afff3.1 : 1AA
@H500:#3498FF3.0 : 1
@H600:#2589f53.5 : 1AA
@H700:#1675e04.5 : 1AAAAA
@H800:#0a5dc26.3 : 1AAAAA
@H900:#0042999.4 : 1AAAAAA


Get the product color

  • Upload the Logo of the product
  • By analyzing the color of the Logo, make the theme color
  • Click on the location of the Logo to change the theme color

πŸŽ‰ v5 is released! Head to the v5 documentation to get started.