In order to support the habits of languages ​​such as Arabic and Hebrew, the UI of the language read from right to left (RTL).



Make sure the dir attribute is set on the body:

<html dir="rtl"></html>


Set the rtl props on the IntlProvider component to configure all components to support RTL.

function RTL(props) {
  return <IntlProvider rtl>{props.children}</IntlProvider>;

3.Import RTL style files

  • Including the RTL version when using the compiled React Suite CSS
@import '~rsuite/dist/styles/rsuite-default-rtl.css'; //or ~rsuite/dist/styles/rsuite-dark-rtl.css
  • Processing the final CSS via rtlcss in case of using the Less version
@import '~rsuite/lib/styles/themes/default/index.less'; // or ~rsuite/lib/styles/themes/dark/index.less
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